How can I get the most out of Netflix?


Netflix is the world leader in online streaming, giving users around the world access to the largest library of streaming Movies, TV shows, Anime, Cartoons and Documentaries that is available anywhere, all at a low monthly price that makes it a great deal that more and more people are relying on more than their cable TV service. However Netflix’s selection varies greatly by country, so depending on where you live you are likely missing out on a lot of great content that is only being offered to customers outside of your country.

Netflix subscribers in the USA get the widest selection of content, and so the USA library is the one that we enable most of our customers around the globe to get access to, but there are also other country libraries (eg. UK, Australia, Japan) which do have some hidden gems – hard to find titles not yet available in the USA library, as well as locally produced content that is nevertheless very enjoyable and entertaining, and is just waiting to be discovered by a bigger worldwide audience.


How can I access the USA Netflix library? Or other interesting Netflix libraries from other countries?

It’s easy!  TuneZip can get you setup in 3 simple steps:

1) Get a Netflix gift card (Skip this step if you are already a Netflix subscriber – it doesn’t matter what country your account is based in)
If you are not already a Netflix subscriber, TuneZip sells Netflix Gift Card codes that you can use to open an account and pay your subscription fee. Just choose the card you need from the options below and buy it now. Each card code works in a similar way as a prepaid phone card code  – you just enter the code and it instantly loads the credit into your account and you can start using it right away.

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2) Open your Netflix Account
TuneZip makes it simple and easy, and for a limited time we will open your Netflix account for you for free  when you buy a Netflix Gift Card from us. Just click here to contact us after you buy your Netflix Gift Card and we’ll set up your new Netflix account for you, generally within 24 hours. Alternatively, if Netflix is already officially available in your country you can open your Netflix account yourself using your local credit card.

3) Get your VPN Account Subscription
In order to get access to the USA Netflix library or another country’s Netflix library, you have to access Netflix using a computer that is inside that country. This can be done by connecting to Netflix via a VPN service, which routes the connection of your computer or mobile device through servers in the USA or whichever other country whose library you want to access. You can easily switch servers at any time, allowing you to browse different country libraries at will and access an amazing selection of streaming video titles no matter where in the world you live. VPN service is available starting at US$8.32 per month – click here to get your VPN  account.

And that’s it – you’re all set – enjoy getting the most out of Netflix and share this page with your friends so they can enjoy it too!