Why do I need a USA Google Play Account?
Having a USA Google Play Account lets you access the full library of USA Google Play content, giving you many more choices of movies, TV shows, music, apps and books than you will find in your local country Google Play store. TuneZip can get you setup in 3 simple steps:

1) Choose your Gift Card
TuneZip sells USA Google Play Gift Cards in denominations of $10, $50, and $100. Choose the one from the options that’s right for you depending on how much content you plan on buying, and buy it now.

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2) Get a USA Google Play Account
TuneZip makes it simple and easy, and for a limited time, free when you buy any Google Play Gift Card from us. Just click here to contact us after your purchase and we’ll get it set up for you, generally within 24 hours.

3) Get your DNS Account Subscription
In order to use the USA Google Play store outside the USA, you need to mask your computer or cell phone’s true location. This is accomplished using a third party DNS service, which reroutes requests from your device to make them appear to be originating from within the USA. This is available at a cost of US$4.99 per month – click here to set up your account.